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Comprehensive Defense-Classes Guide.

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1 Comprehensive Defense-Classes Guide. on Sun Nov 06, 2011 7:20 pm


Hi folks.

In this thread, I'll cover all basic information you could want to play the Defensive Classes in Eden Eternal.

Class build guides are in seperate posts below this one.

Here is basic information on the three classes.

Warrior is one of the two classes that are already available upon character creation. They are a vastly underestimated class because of this.
There are two kinds of Warriors, DPS and Tank Warriors. Both of these can do their job perfectly fine, people will still look at you funny if you say you're serious about your warrior.

Obviously, a Warrior that focuses on tanking will use a shield and a one-handed weapon of choice, while a DPS Warrior should always use a Twohanded Weapon (Axe / Hammer / Greatsword).

Knights have been the predominant class choice for tanking until recently, when Templar was released.
To be honest, Knight still is the best class for the tanking job, but Templar has its own niche.

Knights rely heavily on evasion to survive. They abuse the fact that dodge has no cap and can literally go up to 100% dodge chance.

Templar is a new, bulky type of tank that relies on elemental resistances and block chance.
However, evasion, parry and high health are equally useful for Templars, too.

How to Kite.

Will write later.

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2 Re: Comprehensive Defense-Classes Guide. on Mon Nov 07, 2011 12:08 pm


DPS Warrior

As stated above, a DPS Warrior's main goal is to dish out huge amounts of damage. They are a vastly underestimated class, even though their single-target damage is immense. They are also viable in PvP. Their main focus lies in Crit and Crit damage.

Recommended Race
Human because of the Axe mastery (+10% p.atk when using twohanded axes)
Zumi get +10% patk when using Hammers, Anurans recieve 10% patk when using Greatswords.

Either is viable, however, axes are the best. Hands down.

Recommended Heroic Traits
Adventurer for 10% luck and 0.10 additional critical damage.

Other heroic traits that are viable --- they are not nearly as good as adventurer!!
Commando, Maverick, Crack Shot

Knowledge Points
CQC Training 10 needed for
Weapon Master 5 needed for
Strength Training 5 increases your main damage skill's damage, making it quite obvious you should take.
Weapons Mastery 5 all the dps in the world will not make up for missing on a regular basis
War Technology 10-15 the higher your crit, the more this will help you, barely notable on early levels, it will greatly increase your damage output on lvl 60 with decent equip
Lower Body Training 5 increases onrush damage which you will be constantly using, too. unlocks
Madman 1 increases the effectivity of Exhiliration

In-depth explanation on knowledge points: Too lazy, will do some other time. Follow this or let it be.

These are the certificates you should equip. This is the optimal setup, which requires several other classes to be maxed out.
This should be your goal at some point, until that, feel free to use whichever you have unlocked.

1 Turbine Dynamics - Crit chance - Engineer
2 Find Weakness - Crit Damage - Hunter
3 Treasure Search - Luck - Hunter
4 Lens Optics - Accuracy - Engineer
-These four ranged dps class certificates will give you additional 5% p.atk when using a twohanded weapon.

5 Dancing Master - Crit Chance - Blade Dancer
6 Thunder Reflection - Agility - Thief
7 Powerful Muscle - Strength - Martial Artist
-As soon as Samurai class is released, level it up for their Crit Damage Certificate and replace Powerful Muscle with it.

Important Skills

When you have time, use Fire Meteor and Ice Meteor, as you don't need the movement speed from Wind Meteor or the HP from Earth Meteor to deal damage.

Regular Skills:
Deep Impact, Combat Cyclone, Provoke
:::IMPORTANT::: Do not use Provoke when playing DPS in a Party! You want to produce as little malice as possible (never use Declaration of Anger, either)

Class Skills:
Bloody Attack, Onrush, Exhiliration

Bloody Attack is your main source of damage. Always keep it at maximum level.
Onrush deals tons of damage and will stun enemies now and then. Unless you need to save a stun to cancel a devastating skill of some boss, use it whenever it is off cooldown for damage.
Exhiliration will boost your damage output by a great amount, it is the only selfbuff worth using on a dps warrior.

Skill Rotation:
There really aren't that many skills for a dps warrior to have a perfectly working rotation, just make sure that you never use Provoke when you're in a party.
ALWAYS attack once inbetween skills, then use skill, attack once, skill, attack, skill.
This will allow you to "chain" everything together, whereas if you spam all your skills you'll have extremely slow auto-attacks during cooldown times.

Main stats:
Luck > Agility > Strength
Crit Chance > Crit Damage > Attack Speed > Accuracy
< !The damage you gain from adding strength is very small! >

Best: Time Traveler (29 Luck)
Before 60 just use whichever luck or agility title gives you the most statpoints.
- Don't use strength titles, you will have enough strength from equip as heavy armor always comes with more than you need -

Equipment choices
Generally, the same focus as usual. Try to get as much crit chance and crit damage as possible.
When leveling: Quests will often offer Heavy Armor that has tank stats only. Do not switch to those unless your gear is extremely outdated.

As usual, just use whichever Axe you get from quests for leveling.
I'll just list whichever rare highlevel axe is worth using the most.

50 - Night Devil Wings / Night Devil Howl
55 - Soul of the Dead / Dark Spirit
60 - Outworld Disaster

High-level Armor Sets:
48 - Highland Glory Set. (Rapid Strike is the shit)
53 - Mad Sun.
60 - Sky Dance / Queen. I am rather sure that the triple strike effect paired with the higher base luck of this set will outdamage Fury Hand / Broken Marshal - which has probably more stable damage.

Ripple necklace, Sadness Ring, Domination Ring / Ancient Signet Ring

Whirlpool Cape / Sunny Knight Cloak

Extras: Try to get alpha or prime wings, as the 5% / 10% crit chance will help you a lot.

Since trophies are such random loot, I do not advise you to hunt any specific down. Just use whichever dps trophies you can get your hands on - stats and procc effects to look out for are attackspeed, crit chance, luck base stat. Probably the best DPS Warrior Trophy would be Ram Blood's Blood Sharp Claw.

Upgrading your gear

Don't ever try to upgrade important equipment with scrolls post limit without a safety stone!!
Unless you have really huge funding, don't bother with upgrading to +6 for statboosts, but instead upgrade your weapon higher for more raw damage.

Crit Chance (extremely pricey). Alternatively use Luck gems.

Muscle-explosion (Crit Chance).
Remember that you can enchant all 5 of your armor pieces, your weapon(s) / shield as well as both rings and your necklace.

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3 Re: Comprehensive Defense-Classes Guide. on Mon Nov 07, 2011 12:09 pm


I'll turn this into tank warrior with next edit, should anybody happen to read this right now, don't worry. I will edit this properly.

Generic Warrior Tank Guide.

The Warrior, being the first and as such presumed to be the weakest of the three Defensive classes, focuses on high defense and hp. This may sound very obvious, however you will notice that the other tank classes do focus on different things.

4 Re: Comprehensive Defense-Classes Guide. on Mon Nov 07, 2011 12:58 pm


Knight - Evasion Tank
This is considered THE way to build a Knight, tbh there is not much here to call it build. The key is just agi and eva.

Recommended Race
Human : ATK and MATK when using a Rapier +10%.
Zumi : ATK and MATK when using a Sword +10%.
Anuran : Attackspeed when using a Sword +10%.

Any is fine. To be honest, Anuran might be best currently, as they have higher HP and slightly higher base agility. But the difference is extremely small.

Recommended Heroic Traits
Maverick : Agi + 10%, Attackspeed +10%.
You definitely want this for the agility.

Other worthwhile mentions are:
Leadership (+12% HP / MP),
Guardian (Def +10% , Elemental Resistance +5%)

Knowledge Points
Weight Training 15 - This is your main focus, there are some tanks who go all the way to 20 but I think that anything higher than 15 just costs too much and should be spent otherwise.
Noble Knowledge 10-15 I personally have 15 in this but I am not exactly sure if I regret it or not. Possibly wasted points there.
Chivalry 5-10 It is useful to have and does make a difference. Calculate if you have enough points to get Battlefield Cyclones left before raising higher than 5. Otherwise see below.
1 in Battlefield Cyclones (if you decide to get Chivalry 10)

Dump rest points into Classical Tactics (there should be no points left over to be honest!)

These are the certificates you should equip. This is the optimal setup, which requires several other classes to be maxed out.
This should be your goal at some point, until that, feel free to use whichever you have unlocked.

1 Elegance - Evasion - Knight
2 Taunt - Malice - Warrior
3 Heavy Shield Defense - Block Rate - Templar
4 Iron Armor - Defense - Warrior
-These four yellow certificates will unlock the ultimate defensive boost: 5% HP and 50% Shield Defense. (This will make highlevel shields give you more than 2,5k defense)

5 Nimbleness - Evasion - Thief
6 Thunder Reflexes - Agility - Thief
7 Pop Star - Evasion - Bard
- The two thief certificates will give you another 2% Agility.

Important Skills

Regular skills:
Declaration of Anger (50-60), Provoke (60), Combat Cyclone, Deep Impact

Class skills:
Maelstrom, Judgement Storm, Elegant, Focus

Less important skills: Knights Breeze, Fearless, Magick Blockade,
These are all nice having, but leveling them up is not that helpful.

Useless skills: Asylum, Shield Counter - they need to be high level to make a difference, and even then they are barely useful.

Skill Rotation:
Declaration of Anger - > Provoke -> Maelstrom -> Judgement Storm -> Combat Cyclone / Deep Impact -> Repeat
Keep your selfbuffs up whenever they come off cooldown, use them instead of Combat Cyclone / Deep Impact.

Main stats:
Agility, Wisdom, Luck, Strength

Best: The Rebuilder (27 Agility)
Before lvl 60: Always use whichever adds the most agility available.

Equipment Choices

50 - Shadow Cutting Blade / Shadow Lacerater (Dagger that proccs evasion)
55 - Justice Vow / Vow of Sin (double hit effect rapier)
60 - Vow of Ice and Snow (orange Sword) OR Executioner (orange rapier)

50 - Holy Light Bearer
60 - Wall of Redemption
Yes, these orange shields. orange items do not need repair, which will save you LOTS of gold.

High-level Armor Sets:
43 - True Justice Set - its okay I guess
48 - Steel Eye Armor Set - this has very good evasion and tank stat coverage was the best set until last patch.
60 - Holy Commander / Holy Emperor - it has better stats than Steel Eye, there is nothing too good about this set anyway except the malice bonus.

Illusion Ring, True Giant Ring, Popper Necklace

Victory Cloak / Cloud Cry Cloak

Extras: Try to get a blue fashion armor for 5% hp, if youre rich, get a blue special head fashion too, for another 5% hp.

Anything with agi, seriously.

Upgrading your gear
If you got the set you'll settle with, try to get it to +6 for increased stats and defense. Upgrade your shield, too.
Weapon should be neglected (read: dont waste too much gold on upgrading it if you dont have that gold)

Agility gems.

Slightness lvl 5 (Evasion) on all equip enchantable (all 5 armor pieces, 2 rings, necklace, shield, weapon)

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5 Re: Comprehensive Defense-Classes Guide. on Mon Nov 07, 2011 12:59 pm


Before someone gimps my cute little guide with a c-c-c-combo breakerrr, here's the post for the templar guide.

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