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Generic class-guide template. (aka. the guide on guides)

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This is not supposed to make you a pro at any class, I just think it would be nice to compile this most important Data on every class. Information on how to use the classes must be written up by whoever feels like he's good at it.

If you plan on writing one of these guides, copy the content of the code box at the end of this post, here is just an example guide with info and thoughts. The "empty" template is the code box!

:::Example Guide:::

Class Name

Introduce the class, summarize their strength and weaknesses and their field of use, very generic, so that people who do not have the class yet will understand what they are capable of. Don't throw all the skill names around here, it will just confuse.

Recommended Race:
eg. Human because of the Axe mastery (+10% p.atk when using twohanded axes)

Recommended Heroic Traits:
Recommend the most useful trait, but dont disregard all others. a dps can do well with crackshot too, because it has 10% luck.

Knowledge Points:
List masteries and which level they should be raised to.
Explain the masteries, why they are good, why others are not as good and possibly in which order they should be skilled and stuff like this.


!!!! THIS IS ABOUT THE CERTIFICATES A USER OF THIS CLASS SHOULD USE. Not about the ones that are unlocked. !!!
Just list the optimal setup, every player can figure out that he can obviously use #1 of a cert when he hasnt unlocked #2 yet etc.

Important Skills:

Req skills:
Only list the ones that are worth using / learning. Add if they should be leveled only to 30 for example.

Class skills:
Only list the useful ones that should be kept near max lvl

Bonus: When you have time, use Fire Meteor and Ice Meteor, as you don't need movement speed to deal damage.

Skill Rotation:
Whichever skills are most important and in which order they should be used.

Main stats:
Main > Secondary > Additional useful stat
Crit Chance > Crit Damage > Attack Speed > Accuracy


Before 60:
Just use whichever luck or agility title gives you the most statpoints.

Generally, the same focus as usual. Try to get as much crit chance and crit damage as possible.
When leveling: Quests will often offer Heavy Armor that has tank stats only. Do not switch to those unless your gear is extremely outdated.

As usual, just use whichever weapon you get from quests for leveling.
I'll just list whichever rare highlevel weapon are the best.

50 -
55 -
60 -

High-level Armor Sets:
43 -
48 -
53 -
58 -
60 -
Only list the useful ones. Should the 48 set suck for example, just remove it.



Extras: Try to get alpha or prime wings, as the 5% / 10% crit chance will help you a lot.

Since trophies are such random loot, I do not advise you to hunt any specific down. Just use whichever dps trophies you can get your hands on that seem useful.
Highlevel trophies that you should eventually try to obtain:

Upgrading your gear

Don't ever try to upgrade important equipment with scrolls post limit without a safety stone!!
Unless you have really huge funding, don't bother with upgrading to +6 for statboosts, but instead upgrade your weapon higher for more raw damage.

Which Gems should be bought to socket highlevel equipment.

Which enchants should be bought to upgrade highlevel equipment.
Remember that you can Enchant all five armor pieces, both rings, the necklace and of course the weapon (or weapons, or shield).

[size=18][b]Class Name[/b][/size]
Introduce the class build here. Only very general info about this specific build.

[u][b]Recommended Race[/b][/u]

[u][b]Recommended Heroic Traits[/u][/b]

[u][b]Knowledge Points[/b][/u]
Explain thoroughly why you recommend these masteries.

These are the certificates you should equip. This is the optimal setup, which requires several other classes to be maxed out.
This should be your goal at some point, until that, feel free to use whichever you have unlocked.

-Make breaks for unlocked bonus. Move it up if you only use 3-cert-bonus.
- Whichever Bonus can be unlocked by these last 3.

[u][b]Important Skills[/b][/u]

[b]Regular skills:[/b]

[b]Class skills:[/b]

[b]Skill Rotation:[/b]

[b]Main stats:[/b]

Before lvl 60:

[u][b]Equipment Choices[/b][/u]

45 - Orange / Gold
50 -
55 -
60 -

[b]High-level Armor Sets:[/b]
43 -
48 -
53 -
58 -
60 -





[u][b]Upgrading your gear[/b][/u]



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Good guide.
So everyone who wants to write about a class can refer to this guide.

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