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How did you pick your handle?

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1 How did you pick your handle? on Tue Nov 01, 2011 10:46 pm


What it says on the opening. For example, I picked by name from my favorite game, Soul Blazer, and the numbers from the manga, Rave Master.

How about you? Question

2 Re: How did you pick your handle? on Tue Nov 01, 2011 11:03 pm


My ign is a rough romanji translation of 盲視, which is Japanese for Blindsight. Normally it would be Mekura-shi, but EE doesn't like hyphens. xD


3 Re: How did you pick your handle? on Tue Nov 01, 2011 11:25 pm


I was a hunter named RoflaHunter in WoW. And I started as a mage in this game but found Cleric was a lot more fun to play.

4 Re: How did you pick your handle? on Wed Nov 02, 2011 2:54 am


I picked my name (and looks xD) from the book by Szapkowski, The Witcher. It's a Slovak surname of Triss Merigold. (merigold is buttercup in Polish, and ranuncul is buttercup in Latin...)
I liked how it sounded, and I also like Triss, so that's why. xD

5 Re: How did you pick your handle? on Wed Nov 02, 2011 7:16 am


im the only without a cool reason XD
my has the origin of a 500 click on the random name generator in Never Winter Nights 2 tho i like this name always did Smile

6 Re: How did you pick your handle? on Wed Nov 02, 2011 5:34 pm


Am I the only one who thought DJ's name came from meku, which means to masturbate? (im kidding, even though its true, we call him masturbate allday~)

By the way, mekura alone means blindness already, but also ignorance. At least thats the word I learned for blindness.
I always wondered why theres a shi appended to your name but figured its meant like mekura-shi, because the eyesight has died or something~

Aaanyways, Skyfish is a name I use from time to time, when others of my main names are already taken.
It's from the manga/anime/video game trilogy called Eureka 7 which is set in a world where theres some weird energy waves floating through the air. People surf on them with boards and theres also huge aircraft, similar to battleships.
Anyways, theres these strange creatues that fly on those waves called Skyfish and I thought they were pretty cool and took the name at some point in some game and use it on a regular basis since.

7 Re: How did you pick your handle? on Fri Nov 04, 2011 4:43 pm


Mine's not very cool either.... I've just always liked this name, it sounds pretty cool. I think i picked it up from a charaxter in a book, but im not sure which one Question

8 Durr on Tue Nov 08, 2011 8:28 pm

Rainbow Dash

Because rainbow pony is best pony (i would add an image but i can't cuz im new lols)

9 The handle I'm using for the forums... on Tue Nov 08, 2011 8:53 pm


is what I generally use but more often than not it's taken. Pollen is the name of a song I enjoy and it's kind of stuck as a handle. ^^

Tubbs (ign) is a shortened version of an inside joke and is my second choice when Pollen is taken (after Pollenn of course).

Song!It's quite different and an acquired taste.
(can't post links yet so just search that on youtube or drop it after the "watch?" at the end of a youtube video URL)

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