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TS3 Server Downtime

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1 TS3 Server Downtime on Mon Nov 07, 2011 1:08 pm


I guess this is a little late, but better than never I suppose. xD

Some of you may have noticed that the TS3 server has been down for almost a week now. The reason being that I host the server locally on my desktop computer, and I've been on vacation do I haven't been able to start it. So apologies to those who wanted to get on and rage in voice. :p

Now, I'll be back on Thursday, but It'd be great if someone (preferably in a different timezone) would like to start hosting a secondary server in the time that I'm sleeping/away from home. It's super easy, but you might need some fair computer specs to host it while gaming. If you're interested and need help, I can walk you through setting one up. Very Happy


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