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Buying dungeon runs.

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1 Buying dungeon runs. on Sun Nov 06, 2011 2:37 pm


You may see that on world chat you'll see people buying or selling runs. This is a method to earn EXP/CP quickly, you pay a person to kill monsters in a dungeon for you and you will gain a decent amount of EXP/CP, or vice versa.

Popular dungeons as of right now are:
  • Venin - runs sell for 10g.
  • Delphi - runs sell for 4g.
  • Century - runs sell for 15-20g.
  • Trial Venin - runs sell for 20-25g, and can go
    higher if giants are to be killed.
  • Manor - 15-20g, prices still all over the place for this dungeon.

So, what happens?
You will party with your runner, you may need to pay them per run upfront or they may do (i.e) 10 runs then request payment, it completely depends on the runner. Sometimes you'll have runners that say NOTHING whatsoever and expect you to read their minds, so keep it in mind you may have to prod them until they talk...

Anyway, after the whole payment garble is out of the way, the runner will complete the doable section of the dungeon and you'll get your EXP/CP! This can be repeated as many times you are in the level range. After the monsters are dead, you leave the dungeon, reset, rinse and repeat.

What to keep in mind..
Some runners may be better than others, this is down to things such as internet, computer specs and general techniques. A lot of the time people doing dungeon runs is their main way of income, yet at times it's possible to come across those which fail terribly at the dungeons. It's best to bounce out of situations like that, 'cause it tends to be a waste of time and G. If your runner successfully does 10 runs then dies 3 times in a row, focus more on the positive than the negative because it happens. Not everyone can run dungeons over and over and be completely immune to any deaths or mistakes happening!

You may come across runners who will try to spike their prices up during dungeon runs, it's best to just leave the runner rather than listen to their demands by raising the prices. People who do these are complete asses, if you agree on a price at the start of the runs then stick to it.

Another thing, remember that you're paying for the EXP/CP, so it's generally rude to runners if you spend your time greeding/needing drops, if you get all the drops then the runner is missing out on their drops, and you are making a profit rather them doing so.

If your runner is doing Venin for example, some of the front mobs reset usually runners won't mind if you aggro those monsters and take them to the runner. Mob resets unfortunately happen so you'll be losing out on your EXP/CP which you're paying for. Just "OK" it with your runner first, or else they may find it weird there's suddenly 5 mobs chasing you.

Other "runs"
At times a low level player will ask you to run a full dungeon, you can usually pocket 10g out of this. It's pretty straight foward: they pay you, you do all the dungeon or what's agreed on - they'll complete their quest. Another possibility is that the low levels expect to level from the runs - so they may have taunt mode activated and then they will aggro the mobs, then you will have the tasks to take aggro back and kill the mobs, thus giving the lower level EXP/CP.

tl;dr runs are awesome come at me


2 Re: Buying dungeon runs. on Sun Nov 06, 2011 5:11 pm



Oh wow,
I didn't know such a-holes excist who raise/rise (pft wut) prices during runs ._____.
That's just lame..
Other than that, good guide : )

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