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Leveling fast and smart [tips and tricks]

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1 Leveling fast and smart [tips and tricks] on Thu Nov 03, 2011 3:29 pm



Can't seem to get past a certain level?
Want to level faster?

Here are some tips and tricks how to get your desired level faster.
Also combining it with "Ways to earn gold and eternal coins [read below]" you can easily manage your jobs and base skills (money skills).

When entering a new area first things to do:

  • Link to your Soul Guide there.
  • See if there's anything you can sell to get more space in your inventory (armor you won't use, old hp/mp pots you don't need).
    You can sell your things to any merchants there (general, armor, weapon) and also Fame Chests.
  • Drop old quest items from previous areas.

When getting an invitation to a new area with new quests, be sure to do the main line quests first. Main line quests are with green crystals in your quest log book (press L) or they appear in a yellow font (as ! or ?) above NPCs.
Edit: Don't forget to do book quests too~

When done with main story line quests and there are no other main quests, there are 2 options:

  1. Either you have already leveled enough to go to the next area (if you got the invitation)
  2. Or you just can't accept any more main line quests because of your level. In such a case, start doing repeatables.

    If you went with option number 1, repeat. If you get stuck, read option number 2.

    Option number 2:
    The fastest way to get repeatables done is to take all you can, and get a friend or a partner to help.
    That way you can both get quests done faster and advance more easily.

Picking a partner:
The gap between you and your partner must not be higher than 7 levels.
If you party with a higher level person, you'll get less EXP (class and job) from your kills. You'll get the same exp that person gets.
However, if you party with a lower level person, that person gets less EXP.
Best way to team up with someone is to find a person not higher nor lower than you than 2-3 levels. Then you get the best EXP. It would be even better if you can find someone exactly the same level as you.

Also, when doing main story line quests and repeatables (reps) be sure to take guild quests as well from either Eden Glen or Aven.
They will cost a certain amount of gold but when completed, you will receive double the gold. Meaning, you'll get back what you spent on buying the quest, and you'll get a reward for completing it.

Did I miss anything?
If something is unclear reply to this thread or if you'd like to add something please do the same.

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2 Re: Leveling fast and smart [tips and tricks] on Thu Nov 03, 2011 6:47 pm


Book quests?


3 Re: Leveling fast and smart [tips and tricks] on Thu Nov 03, 2011 8:12 pm


Yeah, it's good to always buy books when you come to a new area, as their quests usually parallel the main quests in that area Smile

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