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Ideas/suggestions [discussion]

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1 Ideas/suggestions [discussion] on Wed Nov 02, 2011 5:42 pm


Ok so, I got some ideas considering dungeons.

First of all, since we need to do guild fame in order to level, how about we make dng parties every ___. For example every Saturday and Sunday on certain times or when there's enough people on.
Or we could do raids. Or just spam certain dungeons for trophies and merchant boxes.

Under this section could also be guides on how to defeat certain bosses or areas, tips and tricks.
So who is up for it? Writing certain dungeon guides? And perhaps even youtube videos?
Since there is not only 1 way to do certain dungeons, we could write different guides.

Each thread for each dungeon or each thread for each area of dungeons?

Discuss please.

IGN: Sharte
Level: 59
Speciality: Bard, Warlock, Illusionist

2 Re: Ideas/suggestions [discussion] on Wed Nov 02, 2011 6:47 pm


Thats the very reason for the guides section of the forums being there Very Happy

The thing with raid / dungeon party sounds awesome, we should appoint some dates in GMT so we can sign up for them etc.

The highlevel 5man dungeons all drop the really good merchant boxes. Manor for example (Lv57+). So if Elli, DJ and I get some reinforcement, we can run it all the time.
(Tested, we "can" 3man the first two manor bosses, but it will be so much faster with 2 dps players giving us company, that we can really spam them for drops)

Elli could open a thread and appoint a date 1 week in advance and everyone can sign up or let it be, so we know who is willing to come and thus it can be coordinated what is done.
We can spam all 5man raids now by the way, so we should start to gear up a bit. We just need a regular group of 5 (or 8, for the "good" raids).

tldr: FOR GODS SAKE, MAKE IT HAPPEN! @ Ellioru, organize this shit! %D

3 Re: Ideas/suggestions [discussion] on Wed Nov 02, 2011 6:50 pm


DJ is out. We'll have to set it for next week.

I can try for this week and see who comes.


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