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About guild fame & gold.

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1 About guild fame & gold. on Thu Oct 27, 2011 10:57 pm


Guild fame is the number you see next to peoples names when you press G, it indicates how much fame they've contributed to the guild. Along with that, we also have a fame count at the top of the G box, as of now it's 23k/60k.

Once we hit 60,000 fame, it will give us the option to level our guild (with the required gold, too) thus meaning new ranks, more member space, another warehouse & eventually more statues. We would need level 7 to acquire all these things.

There's some easy ways to gain fame but then there's some time consuming ways to gain fame.
  • Guild town - In our town we have an Altar, Mine, and Farm. If you purchase the lowest level (farm/altar/mine) blueprints and use them in our town- the NPC will give you 1 fame per complete task. For example, if you farm for some dry branches 10 times, you'll gain 10 fame. Overall this can consume a lot of G if you decide to spam it, as repair costs can cost 25g+ and 3g per 10 fame.

  • Dungeon Guild Quests - These quests are available to buy outside dungeons, they have a level requirement listed at the bottom of the quest so it's always important to read to make sure you're within that level. If you are not, you won't be able to activate the quest or earn fame from it. You get 20 fame per complete quest and can do them every 15 minutes.

  • Normal Map Guild Quests - This is the time consuming way to do things, depending on your level. Lower levels will find these more easy to do as they require you kill a certain amount of mobs - these mobs are usually ones you are already killing for your main quests so it'd a good thing to duo up. Also, there is usually guild quest parties which you can join, making fame easy to gain as well as EXP. A positive of this method is that you will gain double the gold you used to purchase the quest, and it will save on repair costs.


Guild Gold is what you see next to "Funding" when you press G. Whenever a quest is complete, you add s/g to the funding pot. Funds are used to buy new NPCs for the guild. as well as level the guild - gold becomes a requirement as we level higher and higher as of right now the requirement is 16k to hit level 5.

People are confused whether Income takes gold directly from you, it doesn't! Whenever you complete a quest and it says "guild has recieved xx g!", it comes directly from the NPC. Think of it as the NPC donating to our guild. Income tax is fixed and cannot be changed.

Tax is another thing we have for the guild - tax is what people not in our guild recieve when they visit our town and use our NPCs. This helps us earn some kaching, along with covering repair costs. Another helpful thing about people using our town is that we earn 1 fame every time they use our altar/mine/farm!

Hope that helped. ~

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Le done.


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